Mind/Body Healing at an Energetic level

This simple, hands-on, synchronisation/balancing procedure reestablishes the innate healing potential of the body by enhancing the flow of energy through the system.

Unresolved emotional concerns, stored in our subconscious mind, affect the structure and function of the body and thus our health and wellbeing.

This leads to an inappropriate muscle pattern in the body, called ‘defence physiology’ and presents as pain, tight muscles, dysfunctional organs and glands, emotional stress and depression-type reactions.

The innate intelligence of the body is entirely capable of reinstating well being when interference to energy flow is removed.

Everything is Energy, including ourselves

Decades of clinical experience has shown that by connecting pressure points as part of the B.E.S.T. process, the body is encouraged to begin to repair and rebuild neurological circuitry.

By accessing areas of the brain through pressure point-type therapy, done in a specific sequence, while having to think about memory stresses, makes the body begin to reconnect the missing circuitry with the brain.

The image below is of the human energy field – on the right is the field distorted by emotional interference, warping the nature flow of energy.  These interferences are what B.E.S.T treatments seek out.

By taking this approach to health, you begin the journey to wholeness and balance.  Good health is a mater of personal choice

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