The Cambridge Dictionary gives the following definition of transformation:  a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved

We are all busy with personal transformations daily.  Sometimes we experience huge growth and other times small transformations. No matter what, we change on a constant basis. What happens when we refuse to grow? How do we experience it in our daily lives?

  • We will find that our stress levels increase. We lose our equilibrium. Continued increased stress eventually sets over to anxiety. This leaves us in a constant state of vigilance. Fight-Flight-Freeze is permanently activated, as we send message to our sympathetic nervous system that the body is in survival and under attack.
  • Prolonged Fight-Flight-Freeze response eventually shows as Depression. We experience depression when we have gone through very long periods of stress and anxiety, and we see no way forward or out. We feel a sense of dread and hopelessness.
  • Fatigue is a clue from our body that the psyche is struggling and that the body no longer has the energy to self-regulate and heal. Adrenal fatigue shows as body aches, sleeplessness, anxiety, getting sick easily, etc.
  • Past experiences where we felt helpless, where we felt our life in danger, shocked and powerless are stored within our psyche as trauma. These are not always life-threatening but were severe enough at the time to cause major emotional trauma. Unresolved Emotional Trauma will eventually lead to physical illnesses.
  • Negative and limiting thought patterns founded in our Limiting and Negative Beliefs. Beliefs are only the stories we decide to tell ourselves about ourselves and how we want to experience life because of a situation or event from our past that had an impact on us. Often we cannot remember the anchoring event of the gestalt. Big or small – every time we make the same decision to believe the same story, we enforce the limiting belief.
  • Indecisiveness or Procrastination. Either or, you are caught in a web of fear and doubt. We put off making decisions and taking action because we fear what is expected of us or the outcome. When we doubt our own abilities, the EGO will step in and prevent us from experiencing “failure”.
  • Often symptoms that cannot be explained my conventional medicine, is labelled as Psychosomatic and the diagnosis is untreatable.

How does Transformation Coaching help me with the above?

The focus of Transformation Coaching is to guide you towards clearing out old, stagnant, and limiting beliefs and patterns that you are running and that you are holding onto for your survival. No matter how destructive these pattern and thoughts, once you have programmed your subconscious that this is how you want to experience life, the subconscious has no option but to deliver that kind of chosen life to you.

Transformation Coaching gives you the tools and concepts to move from victimhood to freedom. It is important that you understand the role of the subconscious, how it works, and the effect of your input into the programming of your subconscious mind on your daily life.

Through Transformation Coaching you could clear out, clean up and rebuild YOU. The techniques applied give you the opportunity to take charge of your transformation and no longer be a victim of circumstances.

Transformation Coaching, using various techniques such as Inner Conflict Technique™, Negative Emotional Therapy™, Negative Belief Therapy™, Trauma Release, NLP, Neuroplasticity, Quantum Physics, Psychology, etc., can assist you to clear out these old limitations and provides you with the opportunity to set new and empowered beliefs that will help you to release any or all the above limitations and symptoms.

Emotional healing does not require of you to continually discuss your emotional hurts and traumas. Techniques that are applied today, take you to the source of the problem and starts the process from there.

Transformation Coaching’s integrative, self-empowering and goal-oriented sessions, where the best outcome for you will always be our focus, provides you with the opportunity to take charge of your own life – body, mind, and soul.

What might you gain from your Transformation Coaching Sessions?

  • A quiet mind that is no longer at war with itself.
  • Understand the role of your negative emotions and how to work with them and how to delete them.
  • Discover your Limiting Beliefs and how they affect your future. Learn how to delete these and replace them with powerful beliefs that could create your desired outcome.
  • Knowledge of who you truly are and how powerful you are in the creation of your own life.
  • The unity you have been searching for is now yours to explore and enjoy. Body, Mind and Soul as a unit.
  • Focus and willpower to become the person you always searched for and create the life of your dreams. This is your opportunity to truly live a fulfilled life.
  • Create the powerful, loving, fun self-image, you would like the world at large to meet.
  • Become free of your self-imposed limitations.
  • Know what true self-love is and how important it is in the larger role you play for the greater good of all.
  • Give your body the opportunity to come back into balance and to build a strong immune system and to aid self-healing.

If you are ready to experience true freedom, to discover and become the greatness you were always destined to be, live in a healthy environment and body, act today.

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