"Your biography becomes your biology”

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Welcome to the Sue Leppan & Associates

Thank you for taking the time to explore how you may benefit from investing in your wellness – physically, mentally, and spiritually – therefore your future.

Before you continue, consider the following questions and truthfully answer them.

  1. What is the question continuously running in my head that prevents me from moving forward / going all out?
  2. Should I do nothing to answer this question, what would my life look like in the future?
  3. What does my ultimate, no limitations, life-dream look like?
  4. How will I feel living this ultimate, no limitations, life?.

Unleash Your Magnificence
Life-Changing Transformation Starts Here

For Sue, her vision and intent is to provide you with the tools and techniques to answer Question 4.

Please read “Who I AM” and decide if it resonates. Remember it is important for you and I to build a relationship which will allow me to guide you as to the process and modalities best suited for you.

My Mission

Sue believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Because her approach to health and wellness is based upon an integrative model, she focuses on wellness and healing as opposed to illness or disease. Sue provides reliable education and training to address and integrate the physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological and energetic components to restore health and wellness.

My Vision

To strive towards expanding my knowledge through research and partnering with experts in the field of integrative wellness and apply this knowledge internationally to create healthier societies.

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