The Energy Codes ® is a Seven Step System to Awaken your Spirit, Heal your Body, and Live your Best Life. – Dr Sue Morter.

The Energy Codes® are tools and practices which help us ‘un-splat’ and take control of our tremendous innate capacity for vibrant health and wellbeing and live full, abundant potential.

Through the science of Quantum Physics, we now understand that we are energy beings. We know that the body has the wonderous ability to heal itself. We are discovering increasingly, how we hold the key to it all. Combining all of this, through Integrative Wellness, you now could design your best life.

Ever asked yourself Who Am I? What am I doing here? What is my purpose? Why do I feel so stuck when all I desire is to live my best life? Do you feel at times that you are your own worst enemy? We hold many ‘WHY’S’ about our life. We are constantly seeking purpose and direction. When we are ‘fragmented’ we often find that our physical health starts to decline.

We often hear public speakers, leaders and mentors suggesting that to achieve your goals and dreams answer the following question: What is your WHY?

How can you answer that question when you do not even know who you are?

No matter your why, if you do not know the true you, released of your limiting beliefs and actions, you will search for an answer regarding your why from your limited perspective of who you are.

We can no longer focus on only one aspect of the complete you. The society we have created is one of quick fixes, we want prescribed medication to treat the symptoms of physical pains we experience. Stress, Anxiety, Adrenal Fatigue, Psoriasis, Asthma, Insomnia, Body Aches, PTSD, to name a few, develop due to unresolved emotional traumas and limiting beliefs. These often fall under the banner of Psychosomatic Illnesses.

Take responsibility – learn, understand, and live in unity: Body, Mind & Breath. We can no longer focus only on one part at the cost of the other parts.

You are an integrated being.

Through taking responsibility and acknowledging the role of neglected and unresolved negative events and trauma – emotionally and physically, we can change, grow, and become healthy – know your role, in what you currently experience and how it will affect your future.

The biggest question we all should face at some point is: Have I had enough of what is not working for me, to take the leap towards connecting in unity as a body, mind, and soul?

If you have been searching for a while and you are ready to truly find the answers, then consider the following:

  1. Do you understand the role of your body?
  2. Why are we experiencing the emotions we are?
  3. What is the role of the Subconscious?
  4. What is the role of Devine Love and how do I find it within me?
  5. What is the importance of my Breath?
  6. How does my thoughts affect my overall health?
  7. What is my role in the Larger Whole?

The Energy Codes® is a 7-step process that will unlock the true you, so you may enable yourself to live your greatest life.

You no longer need to tell your story in the hope that you will find answers. Understanding the workings of the subconscious, how our body energetically balances, science now show the way for integrative therapies that leads to a healthy and balanced psyche and body.

The Energy Codes® will explain who and what you are on a Quantum Physical level. Through the techniques of this process, you will gain understanding of the importance and the role your subconscious plays. You gain understanding of the importance of your emotions, why we have them and how to use them as guidelines towards your personal growth. (Your build-in early warning system.)

Through the techniques used in Energy Codes® you will come to understand why love is so important. Why Dr Sue Morter calls it the Universal Solvent. Discover the importance of your breath, how you collaborate with it to gain balance, focus and how it assists you in your healing.

The damaging role our negative thought patterns play on our physical body. Scientists now understand that you cannot sustain a balanced life – body, mind, and soul – if you continue to remain in a negative mind set, which in turn leads to a negative emotional state, which in turn does not support a healthy immune system and strong physical body. Our immune system ‘shuts down’ when we tell ourselves that we are in constant survival mode – stress, fear, and habitual negative and destructive self-talk.

And lastly, but by no means the least, you will come to understand your role in the larger whole. Who you are and what role do you play? Why are you so important to life on this earth?  By creating a shift in the way we live in the world – from something we think of as ‘myself’, to something altogether Multidimensional, Universal … something Phenomenal.

The steps of Energy Codes® opens the doors to a greater understanding of the self and the power locked up within.

Through our Integrative Wellness Program, the doors start opening for you towards:

  • Knowing your true self.
  • Freedom from victimhood.
  • Bringing you back to balance.
  • Harness the self-healing capability of the body, as it was designed to do.
  • Start living in a healthy environment which gives you the best chance to fight off illnesses. (Epigenetics)
  • Discovering your power and role within greater society.
  • Becoming your Ultimate Self, living the Life you Dream of.

We come here and sort of go ‘splat’ (body, mind, and breath dispersed) and we get tangled up in living that way and keep telling our ‘story’ from the outer edge of the ‘splat’.

We are energy beings. Energy is not permanent, it can change – you were born to change through your growth – both physically, but more importantly emotionally. Everything on this planet is energy. You hold the key to your own well-being. Imagine a day when you stand confident in your own power.

For an introductory online courses via Zoom (9 one-hour sessions) with handouts and session recordings for later reference – please contact Helen.

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