I am Sue Leppan. Please allow me a moment of your valuable time to introduce myself.

I have been on an intensive, stepped-up, journey of discovery since 2012. Initially it was about finding myself after my divorce and with time it spilled into something much more than I could ever have dreamed.

It started for me, as with most people, facing our greatest fear: our Dark Night of the Soul. That period in your life where you start to question everything about everything – Who am I? What am I doing here? Why did “things” happen to me? What is life? Where am I going? Is this all there is to it? Am I forever a victim? How can I be so powerless?

My route of discovery has taken me on many paths. The one that resonated the most, was what I discovered about my role in my life. It has often been said: You are not responsible for your past; you are not responsible for what happened during your childhood. You are however responsible for your life now and to heal, find your true self and become empowered in your life.

Today, I have an understanding that our unresolved emotional trauma plays a huge role in who and what we are. Not only do we limit our own potential as an entrepreneur, employee, spouse, parent, lover, and much more, we directly influence our physical health because of how we feel and think. It is also very true that we lose ourselves and the connection we have with our true self. Many leaders in the field of integrative wellness, call diseases a dis-ease. The disease of the human is a result of a feeling of disease (uncomfortable feeling: dis-ease) in the body that results in an illness – therefore we know that all unresolved emotional trauma will eventually show up as an illness.

An integrative process where we heal and integrate the body, mind, and soul, releases the body of toxins, which holds the potential of manifesting as chronic or terminal illnesses.

Although I have learned a lot along the way, I believe that I am still only at the start of my discovery. The way we look at ourselves and the knowledge that we can play an empowered role in our health, has fascinated, and inspired me to want to bring this to as many people as possible. I have qualified as a Master Transformation Life Coach (NLP) .  I completed various courses (trauma release, inner conflict, releasing negative emotions and beliefs), apart from a BA (Psych) and qualify as an Energy Codes Certified Facilitator (Morter Institute for BioEnergetics, USA).

I know that we function best as a whole. You are Body, Mind, and Soul. There is an interwoven “contract” between the three. You cannot focus on one part at the cost of another part. You cannot bake a cake without the oven. You are the baker – the body. The recipe is the mind. The heat and the love are the soul. Unless all three are involved, you are pretty sure there will be a mishap.

Don’t let old stress and anxiety influence your health today. Are you ready to let go of unresolved trauma and your victim state? Are you ready to integrate all your “parts” and allow yourself the opportunity to be vibrantly healthy? How long do you want to wait?

Contact me today. The opportunity for transformation awaits.

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