The way you organise this workshop is really amazing. It is simple and so powerful. I have a tendency to live with limited believe, to have a low image of myself and struggle to achieve my objective in life. These sessions with you have really turned upside down these beliefs to set me up for success. I really believe for the first time that I can achieve success and happiness in everything I set myself to achieve. I loved that I gained a better understanding of my/the subconscious mind, how the law of attraction work, that you have changed my negative emotions, and that you have given me powerful tools to apply in my daily life to set myself for success. I cannot wait to continue this work with you as I see it as the start of a new and successful journey.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m super grateful for everything you taught & showed me this weekend. I was under the impression that I could teach others how to become better versions of themselves, feeling great about myself and about life. I had no idea that I had so many limiting beliefs about myself. I had no idea that I was preventing & blocking real magic in my own life. Thank you for showing me how truly magnificent I really am. Thank you guiding me through each process and giving me the tolls to become a better version of myself. You are truly an amazing & committed person. You are a true beacon of light & an inspiration to society. Thank you very much Sue!


While I was browsing through the website of Dr. Sue Morter, a world leader in bioenergetic medicine and a quantum field visionary, I came across the name of a South African practitioner (facilitator)., Sue Leppan. Sue is one of many people all over the world and only one of two South Africans who have completed the course in The Energy Codes at the Morter Institute.

This course is only one of Sue Leppan’s many credentials for doing the exceptional work that she does, but it was the one that led me to her.

I had been running a creative photography business for a number of years, but I was at a point where I felt so stuck and despondent in both my business and my life. While I was sure there must be more to life, no matter how hard I tried to change things, I could not. As a result  I was consciously looking for a process or someone to help direct me to go beyond this feeling.

Once I had found her name on the Morter Institute website, I instinctively decided to contact Sue Leppan, and we agreed to meet a few days later at her office.  I took the drive from Cape Town to visit her. We had a relaxed conversation about her work, which helped me to make a decision. There was a moment where she described the principle: “If you master your beliefs, you can master your future,” and I took note of that. I intuitively felt that I wanted to know more about this insight. I also felt safe in her company.

We subsequently decided on a time for our sessions. For me, the whole process felt carefully designed to identify subconscious blocks/beliefs in my life, to work towards an empowered self-image and to set goals to help me move forward more freely; in short, to create the life I want.

I looked forward to our sessions every day. Sue masterfully guided me through a thorough process.  There was so much to learn from her as a deeply knowledgeable person. She is spiritually conscious and, through her warm, kind and skilful facilitation, I could feel that she cared and wanted to equip me to move forward with confidence to a life that just felt so much better, without all the pain and struggles that I had carried with me for so long.

I can strongly recommend the work that Sue does to others in search of self-direction. I hope that she reaches the many people who could benefit from her remarkable work as I so richly have.